gallery PRSSA hosts annual Goodwill Fashion Show for an affair-filled event.

The end of the semester is a hectic time for every student at Simpson College. Between finals, wrapping up the year within clubs and organizations or even spring sports – everyone is pressed for time.

Even though students are working and studying diligently to excel on their finals – we all need to take a break in order to relax and bring us back to reality. Each year, Simpson College PRSSA puts together their spring event for all student and community members to enjoy.

“We decided to host the show during dead weak because it would allow students to take a break and enjoy themselves on a Friday night,” committee chair, Zach Nissen said.

For the students who’ve been at Simpson College for a year or more, know all too well that Friday nights can be a hit or miss. Either people go home for the night, have practices or games the next day or have club and organization related events. Sure, there is obviously the occasional trivia or bingo hosted by CAB, but rarely a fun and energetic fashion show.

Although this is the normality for a Friday night at Simpson college, Friday, April 21 pegged a different image to individuals. The annual Goodwill Fashion Show hosted by PRSSA had students out of study places and in the Blackbox supporting their peers in a fun, affair-filled night.

You may be wondering how the night was “affair-filled.”

This year’s theme was decided upon by the Goodwill Fashion Show committee as, “Celebrities: They’re just like us!” With this theme, there were three different rounds that were believed to cause a ruckus and maybe some fights or divorces. The three rounds went as followed:

  1. Everyday – celebrities doing what normal people do
  2. Mom & Dad – celebrities being parents
  3. Celebrity Death Match – a bad celebrity fight or divorce

“Each round the models had to use their creativity and resources from the local Indianola Goodwill to find outfits and props which appropriately fit their celebrity couples style,” Nissen said.

In deciding the models for the fashion show, the PRSSA members focus on hitting guys and girls who are well known on campus, have outgoing and fun personalities, but also are involved in different clubs and organizations on campus.

“Often times people think the popular girls or guys – even athletes on campus will bring in the most individuals to the show,” Mallory Dirks, judge of the Goodwill Fashion Show said. “That’s not the case – each year we try to get a diverse crowd from different clubs, sports or organizations to bring more people together.”

Couples competed against one another on Friday, April 21 to be crowned the winners and have bragging rights, as well as a $15 gift card to Hy-Vee. View the following celebrity couples to see the individuals we had in the show:

  1. Mac Miller & Ariana Grande – Matt Pullen & Madie Steffen
  2. Kanye West & Kim Kardashian – DJ Dafney & Laura Haddad
  3. Leslie Knope & Ann Perkins – Audrey Kaus & Liz Nimmo
  4. Nick Young & IGGY – Sabonis Smith & Grace Cunningham
  5. Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth – Monica Witzman & Grant Waller
  6. Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky – Will Seiler & Olivia Anderson
  7. Ron Burgundy & Veronica Corningstone – Jon Burgardt & Audrey LoVan
  8. Napoleon Dynamite & Deb – Tate Tufte & Lucy DeBisschop

As the models strutted their stuff on the stage, the attendees and judges started to form their own opinions on who was in the lead. However, there was a close three-way tie between Kim & Kanye, Mac & Ariana and Bill & Monica.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“It was really close the first two rounds between these three couples,” judge Jasmine Ward said. “However, Bill and Monica were absolutely spot on with their attire for each round.”

Bill & Monica tended to pull away in the eyes of the attendees and the judges. Everyone was cheering and screaming for the affair couple of the 20th century. Who doesn’t love a little sneaking around?

“Olivia absolutely crushed it as Monica. From her accessories and clothing choices – she posed the perfect Monica Lewinsky,” judge Olivia Samples aid. “Will played the perfect Bill Clinton from his natural mix of professional and awkward – he was vital in the affair scene coming to life.”

The judges came to their conclusion and told the MC’s Alex Shier and Galen Gist that Bill and Monica were the winners of the 2017 Goodwill Fashion Show. When Alex and Galen crowned the winners, Kanye (DJ Dafney) stole the microphone from Alex and blurted, “Imma let you finish, but Swaggy P & IGGY had the best performance of the show,” Dafney said confidently.

Friday, April 21 was a night to remember not only for the Simpson College community, but for the seniors and individuals who worked on making the event a up roaring success. Several students were heard saying post-show that they didn’t even know what the Goodwill Fashion Show was to begin with – they just happened to stop by and had a great time.

Check out the live stream of tweets I curated throughout the event. Be sure to look on the right hand of the page which is a direct stream of my twitter feed which can take you to the rough-and-ready video I produced for the show.


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