gallery Multimedia Communications Dept. Advances Past Competitors

Remember back to the holidays when you went home to a house full of family and everyone asked you the redundant question, “So, what is public relations or what do you do in multimedia communications?”

Then you have to proceed to explain to grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles about what your major or minor is and what your day-to-day tasks will be within your career.

What your family doesn’t know is that employment for all media and communications professions are expected to grow around 6 percent up until 2024. Not only that, it’s considered one of the most versatile fields – your limitless to what you can do and there is definite job security because companies are in need of effective communicators, video production specialists and public relations professionals because they are the ones who know the companies audience.

There is a demand for media and communications operations to create, edit and translate information through a variety of different platforms.

As the demand for this occupation continues to rise, Simpson College’s multimedia communications department continues to strategize exactly what they need to do to attract students to engage in their programs.

As of this year two new majors were added to the multimedia communications department to appeal to a variety of  students – interactive media and sports communication.

With these two majors and minors added to the department, students will have a more diverse background and be able to take their passions and interests and deliver through the set curriculum.

Check out what professor and multimedia communications department chair has to say about the new majors and minors and what it will do for the students studying within the program.


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