gallery PR Bada** Weekly Podcast: The Olivia’s

Ah, senior year. A year students turn on autopilot and coast so they can focus on applying for postgraduate positions and kicking their feet back to relax a little after four years of all-nighters and heaps of stress and deadlines.

At Simpson College, you might find the senior year dynamic to be a bit different.

Especially between these two seniors – Olivia Baxter and Olivia Samples who are questioned daily about how they effectively manage it all by their peers, professors and even their own bosses.
From juggling two internships, a full course load and being involved with leadership positions within clubs and organizations on campus – these women are two early professionals that cannot go unnoticed.

On today’s PR BadA** weekly podcast series, we will be sitting down and talking through a “day in the life” of these two inspiring, hard-working women within the public relations major and industry. We will also touch on what it takes to have a career in PR and what industry leaders possess for characteristics.

Olivia Samples and Olivia Baxter will also talk advice on how to succeed in the public relations major at Simpson College and how to become the best within the field early in your career:

Next week we will have the PR “b*tch” of the fashion industry from People’s Revolution, Kelly Cutrone on the PR BadA** weekly podcast series.

Listen to the interview of the “Day in the Life of the Olivia’s” by the PR BadA** weekly podcast series by clicking here.


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